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Desert Truck Driving SchoolDesert Truck Driving SchoolDesert Truck Driving SchoolDesert Truck Driving SchoolDesert Truck Driving School

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Welcome Future Truckers!

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Best Value For A Nevada Truck Driving School

Desert Truck Driving School is the best in Pricing and Training to get a Nevada CDL.

Look in the newspaper ...Help Wanted Ads...There are always truck driver jobs, and the pay is good.
Problem is, you need a commercial driver’s license, or CDL, to legally drive a semi-truck, or other heavy vehicle. Both employers and federal and state laws require a certain minimum amount of training in order to be a truck driver.
Not all truck driver training schools are equal. Many schools will give you only the bare minimum required just so you will pass the tests at the Nevada CDL DMV.
But after you have paid them your money, you often still do not have the skills you need to be a truck driver out on the road!

Do they teach you how to down-shift?
Do they have you practice chaining up your tires?
Practice sliding the wheels of the trailer forward and backward?
Do They Teach you G O A L ? (Get Out And Look). When Backing Up.

Jimmy, the owner of Desert Truck Driving School, Sparks, Nevada, and his Trainers take pride in thoroughly preparing you for your CDL. These are just a few of the things Desert Truck Driving School in Sparks, Nevada teaches you that other schools do not. To read in detail what you will study and what training you will receive, click this link to go to the Class Criteria

Hours and location

Desert Truck Driving School is open and operating 7 days a week.

That does not just mean that the doors are open, or a truck is sitting there; that means we are teaching and driving out on the road 7 days. Monday thru Friday hours are 6 am to 3 pm, and Saturday and Sunday hours are 6 am to noon.
It is actually beneficial to learn to drive a truck in the Nevada desert, because there are more places to park in emergency and less things to crash into.

We are located in the city of Sparks, Nevada.

Our address is: 2090-B Kleppe Lane, Sparks NV 89431.
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From Interstate 80, take the Vista Blvd / Greg St. exit, and go south on Greg street, (the same street northbound from I-80 is called Vista, but southbound from I-80 it is called Greg St) then take the first right, which is Kleppe Lane. After you have driven about a block on Kleppe Ln. Our driveway is in the middle of a leftward curve on the street, so it will appear straight ahead of you. 

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Call To See If You Qualify For Free Paid Training Per WIA.

Our telephone numbers are:

OFFICE: (775) 342-0522

Or Call Patty (School Admissions Director)

(775) 378-4613

Have Questions? Call or email us

The Management


This page describes exactly what training you will get for your money at Desert Truck Driving School. Note... We don't give up on you, You will get your CDL no matter how long it takes.
No Extra Cost...Like The Other CDL Schools In Our Area.

All Documents are PDF or Word Doc. files. Go to Adobe.com and pick up your
free Adobe Reader on their website.


Feel Free To Download All Information...Software For Testing...And Funding Sources!

More Details

G I Bill Educational Benefits

Vet's read how and where to apply for our Truck Driving School.